Stuffsmart and privacy


Information collected:


1. Provided by user

The information entered by the user such as username, email, profile picture.

This also include items/folders entered in the system.


2. Collected by system

The system collect information such as when the app was last used. 

The system can also collect information on which users have looked at which users profile.

Which users have looked at a particular item/folder.


The system also collect aggregated statistics such as:

How many users saw a particular view during a set time.

Which devices users use.


How information is used

Nofity users about new content.

Personalize and recommend content.


How information is shared

No third party have direct access to the systems information.


Other users can view the content that you have marked as public. 

Content marked as for friends are available to users that you follow.


Aggregated information can be shared for marketing such as number of users in a city.


Third party services

The system uses third party services for statistics and aggregated data.


Controlling your data

Upon request all you data can be deleted.

Upon request a dump of all your data can be provided.



This service is not for children under the age of 13 and as such no information is collected from children under the age of 13 knowingly.